Frank Huettner



Feb 17, 2022 I moved my website to GitHub :sparkles:
Jan 1, 2021 I became member of the editorial board of Mathematical Social Sciences. What an honor!

selected publications

  1. OR
    Consumer Choice Under Limited Attention When Alternatives Have Different Information Costs
    Huettner, Frank, Boyacı, Tamer, and Akçay, Yalçın
    Operations Research 2019
  2. JET
    Weakly monotonic solutions for cooperative games
    Casajus, André, and Huettner, Frank
    Journal of Economic Theory 2014
  3. EJS
    Axiomatic arguments for decomposing goodness of fit according to Shapley and Owen values
    Huettner, Frank, and Sunder, Marco
    Electronic Journal of Statistics 2012